I Don’t Need Your Diagnosis

Last week, the tween wasn’t feeling well. She had a bit of a sore throat but no fever, and it seemed to come and go. On Friday night, she broke out into a strange rash over her eye. We were a little freaked but assumed it was some sort of allergic reaction.

I tried to track back any potential gluten sources, quizzed her about everything she’d eaten that day, and came up empty. We gave her some Benadryl and decided it could wait until morning.

On Saturday, the hubby took her to the clinic for after hours care. The nurse practitioner sent them immediately to urgent care. That doesn’t sound good.

At urgent care, the doctor saw a sinus infection right way — which is clearly what she’d been developing. Then there was the rash. It was either a manifestation of strep throat (aka scarlet fever) or poison ivy. But, since he was already prescribing antibiotics for the sinus infection, he decided to skip the strep test.

We don’t need no stinking diagnosis.

As long as the treatment works, I don’t actually care what you call my disease. I didn’t need a diagnosis 7 years ago, when it was obvious the gluten free diet made all our problems go away. I don’t need a diagnosis now, as long as my kid feels better — and her rash clears up quickly.

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